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August 1, 2014


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How you pack and what you bring on a trip can help decrease the chances of losing your personal property as well decrease the chance of someone stealing your personal identity. Here are a few insights on ways to minimize the mishap and increase your chances for a care-free trip.

1. Choosing Luggage

Start by choosing the right luggage. A lot of advances have been made in the luggage industry with regard to protecting your identity. Some features to think about when you purchase your luggage that are integrated into Pacsafe’s travel gear include:

  • ·Puncture resistant ToughZip helps prevent pickpocket pilfering and forced entry into all our new Toursafe™ luggage and Venturesafe™ travel pack collections with a ballpoint pen or similar sharp object. It even helps to prevent unwanted items (such as contraband) being unknowingly put inside your luggage.
  • ·Bag slashers often like to target outside fabric panels of bags (front, bottom or side), which cause valuables to fall out and into the palm of their hands. Our lightweight slashguard are built into (and concealed) in the most commonly vulnerable areas of bag, protecting your gear from a quick slash-and-run theft. Our new eXomesh® protection in our luggage extends the full length of the bag protecting your gear from opportunistic theft or if it’s snagged by a conveyor belt or luggage handlers.
  • ·Interlocking zip pullers ingeniously slide on top of one another and interconnect making it harder for pickpockets to unzip your bag and whip out your valuables. When engaged with the Roobar™ even the most seasoned thieves will be left scratching their heads on how to unlock your bag.
  • ·Prevent pickpockets and bag snatchers by locking down zippers, slashguard anchor straps, locking cables and /or attach your bag to a secure fixture with the new Roobar™™ anti-theft anchor lock. The Roobar™ also allows multiple compartments to be locked together with a single padlock.
  • ·Lightweight, stainless steel locking cables lets you lock your bag to a secure fixture to prevent thieves from running off with your bag.

2. Carry-On Items

There are a few items that should always be in your carry-on and never checked. Anything that is valuable should go in your carry-on bag. In addition, ensure sensitive or absolute necessities such as passports and medications are with you. Also, keep digital devices that could have personal information associated to them, such as your computer or phone with you. *Note: If the airline requires you to check your bag at the gate due to overhead space limitations, ensure that you take those items out of your bag and bring them with you on the plane. You may want to consider bringing a smaller bag, such as a backpack, that can easily carry those items and can stow under the seat in front of you.

3. Handy Tools

Pacsafe Portable Safes keep your 15 inch MacBook, electronics, passport and more locked up safe and sound in this portable travel safe. Soft brushed lining also protects delicate gear, while the 2 beaded locking device allows you to change the safe size to suit your needs.

With its patented 360 degree eXomesh locking system, you’ll be able to lock it closed and to a secure fixture in your hotel room, by the pool, in a car or in-flight. And when you’re not using it, it even conveniently folds down to fit into your luggage.

RFID Wallet

You might not know it, but you could have a credit or debit card that uses a tiny computer chip and a radio antenna to transmit account information from your card—even when you’re not shopping. The cards are touted as convenient, but they are also vulnerable to being skimmed without ever leaving your pocket. The information communicated from your card to a card reader can be enough to create a counterfeit card that can be successfully used to make an unauthorized purchase. There are many RFID Wallets available. Check out the selection available by Travelon. Travelon offers a built-in Faraday Shield that prevents an RFID reader from capturing your information – keeping your personal information, personal.

Scottevest hidden-pocket apparel

Credit cards, cash, travel documents, passports – these are all valuable targets that thieves have their eyes on. Credit cards that are lost or stolen can be used to disrupt you financially, and identity information can be sold for pennies online somewhere throughout the world before you even realize it. Secure important physical assets at all times. Scottevest has clothing and gear that fits into your wardrobe with multiple hidden pockets throughout and they even have some RFID-blocking options. You can choose from jackets, pants, vests and more that let you transport your valuables inconspicuously. Scottevest even offers a pickpocket guarantee.

4. Use a TSA-approved Travel Lock

A TSA approved lock can come in handy. Obviously, it can be used on your luggage to not only prevent your luggage zipper from opening and your personal belongings from falling out, but it can also serve to deter those who are eyeing you and your luggage as a theft opportunity. In addition, you can also use the lock once you arrive at your destination. You can use it to lock your luggage when you leave your room or to lock a locker if you have access to one. You may want to think about bringing one or two extra locks. You never know. Click here to learn how Travel Sentry® Approved locks work.

5. Limit Credit Cards and Other Identity Docs

Taking credit cards and other documentation with you on vacation is convenient, but not the safest. All unnecessary credit cards and documents should be left at home. Bring no more than two credit cards and ensure your bank knows that you are traveling, especially if you are abroad. Make sure to collect your credit card details including the toll-free number in case it does go missing. Only store that information in a secure location, such as DataVault – you can also photograph your information and store them in a secure app that requires a special code to access the information.

Do not bring your social security card, birth certificate, checkbook or any other item that can identify anything about you if you don’t need it. If you don’t plan on giving out business cards, don’t bring those either (just tell the person to give you their email address and you will email them your contact information – you can also share your digital business card by texting it).

Travel and vacations are much better when you can concentrate on your job or having fun. With a sensible packing strategy and some extra travel tools, you can optimize your chances for a worry-free trip.

July 31, 2014

6th Annual BMO Harris Bank Madison Mini-Marathon

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There are over 1,500 half marathons in the U.S. and the BMO Harris Bank Madison Mini-Marathon presented by UW Health hosted in the heart of downtown Madison was recently ranked the number 14th best half marathon by Runner’s World Magazine.

From a great fitness expo to pace teams, a high-energy course, free beer and much more then Madison Mini delivers on multiple levels.  Register now for the Madison Mini Marathon and check out packages & specials at these Madison, WI hotels.

July 29, 2014

Technology Designed to Safeguard Your Identity When You Travel

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An identity is stolen every two seconds and criminals, unfortunately, look to obvious travelers and foreigners as targets. There have been some amazing advancements in travel technology gadgets designed to minimize fraud and theft.

RFID Blocking Wallets

Most Credit Card have RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) that allows cards to be charged without swiping them. This technology, sadly, also allows an identity thieve to walk by you with a scanner and collect your credit card information. A great “gadget,” if you will, are RFID blocking wallets. By blocking non-deliberate communication over RFID channels, you can prevent your private information from unintentionally being broadcast to thieves. There are several high-quality, reasonably priced RFID-blocking wallets. Check out the RFIDtec 150 RFID Blocking Passport Wallet by PacsafeTavelon also makes RFID blocking wallets.

Trak-N-Return Luggage Tags

Among the risks and frustrations that come with traveling, few are as worrisome as losing your luggage. The Trak-N-Return luggage tag replaces the traditional luggage tag and protects your personal information from prying eyes and criminals by replacing that information with a contact number and PIN.

Smartphone and Laptop Privacy Screens

One of the easiest, low tech ways for identity thieves to steal your information is to simply look over the victim’s shoulder or use some kind of recording device to capture passwords, PINs, and other info.

Privacy screens fit over your smartphone or computer screen so that the information on the screen is only visible to you and not from other angles. Privacy screens come in all shapes and sizes and are easily found and installed. Check out the 3M™ Privacy Screen Protectors.


Remotely Deletion

Remotely delete everything on your Smartphone should you lose it. ‘Find my iPhone’ for Appleand ‘LookOut’ for Android are two such apps. A little upfront work goes a long way for peace of mind if your phone gets misplaced, stolen or lost.

Secure Password and Credit Card Storage Apps

Good Web security hygiene creates two problems. First, you have to remember all those different passwords. Second, if you lose your smartphone, your many passwords may be at risk.

Check out this article from the New York Times, “Apps to Protect Your Array of Passwords,” and learn about apps that can help you secure your passwords.

Avoid Juice Jacking

Did you know that plugging your mobile device into a random power charging station using a USB cord could jeopardize the data on that device? That means if you rent a car and plug the device in or plug directly into a USB hub at the airport, you could be compromising your identity and personal information on that device. Here are two devices reviewed by KrebonSecurity – the “USB Condom” and a device called the “Juice-Jack Defender.”

The USB Condom protects personal and private data stored on your mobile device by blocking data connections in the USB cable, only allowing power to your device. Check it out at

The Juice-Jack Defender by ChargeDefense is a patent-pending product that will help millions remove 100% mobile charging vulnerabilities to identity theft and malware.

Security experts have identified USB mobile charging in public locations as the #1 opportunity for identify theft and malware. Aptly named “juice jacking”, charging stations provide hackers with a target-rich environment for malicious activity. Mobile charging stations are rapidly being added at airports and public locations like restaurants and campuses. Protect yourself home and away with the ChargeDefense Juice-Jack Defender. It instantly removes all data-sharing capabilities between your charging device and charging ports.

July 28, 2014

Summer Weekend Getaway Rate – 1/2 off Second Night Stay

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Stay this summer at Crawdaddy Cove!  Buy One Night Get your Second Night 1/2 off.  Get away this summer to Madison’s only Indoor Waterpark – Home of Crawdaddy Cove Waterpark is offering a great 2 Night Special!

  • Crawdaddy Cove Waterpark – Includes up to 5 waterpark passes
  • All rooms include refrigerator & microwave
  • Ask about our specialty suites (Kids Suites, Family Suites, Whirlpool Suites)
  • Benvenuto’s Italian Grill on-site restaurant & lounge – Kids Eat Free Program
  • IHG Rewards Program

Call the hotel direct at (608) 826-0500!  Ask for the Buy One Get One 1/2 off Promotion!

July 25, 2014

Christmas in July!

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It’s Benvenuto’s Italian Grill’s Christmas in July!  This month purchase $50 in gift cards and receive a certificate for $10 off any lunch.  AND THAT’S NOT ALL!  Purchase $100 in gift cards and receive two lunch certificates and a FREE dessert or glass of wine!

It’s Like Christmas in July!

Offer available for a limited time only.  No coupons or discounts may be applied to gift card purchases.  Gift Cards purchased cannot be applied to customer rewards.

July 23, 2014

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

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Action, education, entertainment and everything in between makes EAA AirVenture Oshkosh your perfect, a fordable summer destination!  Be there to witness history as America’s Ambassadors in Blue – the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds – make history their first full show performance in Oshkosh on August 1-3.  You won’t want to miss this awe-inspiring display of pride, precision and professionalism of American airmen.

Whether you come to fly or come to watch, when you visit AirVenture Oshkosh, you experience the worlds greatest aviation celebration.  Warbirds.  Vintage.  Homebuilts.  Ultralights.  Aerobatics.

The airplanes bring us together.  The people keep us coming back.  Meet new friends, reconnect with old ones and discover the spirit of Oshkosh each summer at EAA AirVenture.  The world’s greatest aviation celebration comes to Oshkosh July 28 – August 3, 2014.

July 21, 2014

Family Getaway Package in Milwaukee, WI

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Enjoy a break and getaway with us.  Enjoy our indoor pool and visit the many Milwaukee Area Attractions.

Family Getaway Package – Holiday Inn Express Milwaukee

  • Overnight stay in a poolside guest room
  • Large one topping pizza from Toppers, 2 liter of soda and 1/2 dozen cookies
  • $10 in quarters for the game room
  • up to 5 wristbands for the pool area
  • Indoor pool & whirlpool
  • Complimentary hot breakfast buffet

Call today to book your Family Getaway Package (414) 563-4000!

July 18, 2014

Wisconsin State Fair

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The 2014 Wisconsin State Fair, presented by U.S. Cellular is Thursday, July 31 – Sunday, August 10.  The annual Wisconsin State Fair is the state’s largest agricultural showcase, offering endless family entertainment at a phenomenal value.  The Fair features the exciting SpingCity Amusement Ride and Game area, 30 FREE stages, educational exhibits, shopping and hundreds of food and beverage options.

The Wisconsin State Fair is a place for FUN for everyone.  Don’t miss out.  Check out packages & specials at these Milwaukee, WI hotels.

Comfort Suites Milwaukee
Holiday Inn Express Milwaukee
Fairfield Inn & Suites Milwaukee
Candlewood Suites Milwaukee

July 16, 2014

Win With Wisco!

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Wisco Hotel Group locations are Pet Friendly and we would love for your to bring your furry friend on your next visit.  Make sure to take a picture and post to our Facebook page for a chance to WIN a FREE NIGHT STAY!

We will be choosing winners from our Wisco Hotel Group Facebook pages.  Winners announced August 6th.  No Purchase Necessary.  Winners chosen at random.  Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Madison & Fairfield Inn & Suites Milwaukee do not allow pets.

July 14, 2014

Romance Package in Madison

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Enjoy a refreshing retreat to Comfort Suites Madison.  Simply bring yourselves – we will take care of the details.

Romance Package – Starting at $99.00

  • Overnight Stay with complimentary room upgrade to a deluxe whirlpool suite
  • Bottle of house wine and box of chocolate delivered to your room
  • Complimentary Breakfast Buffet
  • Guaranteed late check-out

Call today to book your Romance Package (608) 836-3033!

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